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Today Cassie came home with an interesting assignment “Explain the origin of your name.” Simple, right? Most people are named after historical figures, carry on a family name, or their parents just made something up. Lets look at some examples:

George Washington Carver: Easy one here! His folks hoped that naming him after a great person would help him be great. I don’t know if it really helped him out, but look at his accomplishments and you tell me if it hurt.

Tom Pierce Beauchamp: Maybe not so obvious to those that don’t know me, but my name follows the second rule. Tom Beauchamp was one of my Great Grandfathers, and Pierce Turner was yet another one. Unfortunately, I never got to know either but I must assume that since we share names that they were pretty awesome.

Dweezil, Moon, Diva, and Ahmet Zappa: I think by now everyone knows which rule this follows. Rule #3: If you can’t think of a name just pull something out of your butt.

So anyways…enough background…on with the story…

Cassie comes out of school today and is all excited about her homework,”Where did your name come from?” She needs to write a little report school. So, I explained to her that Cassandra Erin was her whole name and that Aaron was my Grandfather that died before she was born. Then I had to explain her first name, which is a bit more “interesting”:

You see, Cassie is named after a tractor.

For the 9 months of Candy’s pregnancy with Cassie, we threw names back and forth. The Erin part we figured out right away but no other family names really stuck with us. We tried out hundreds of other names and even asked for help from friends, but we never found anything that stuck. We were sitting at the table one night and decided to ask Jamie,”What would you like to name your sister?” His response? “Tractor!” He was so serious…so set on that name…(You have to realize, he was INTO tractors at that point…he LOVED tractors of all sizes and types).

So for a while we joked around and called the not-yet-born Cassie “Baby Tractor”. We tossed around all types of tractor names…but “Ford” and “John Deere” don’t really lend themselves to a little girl. Candy remembered her fathers tractor was a Case…..We played with Kayce, and Kaycie….but we didn’t really like we wanted a name that could grow with her. So we came to Cassandra (I personally voted for Cassiopeia, but Candy out voted me) and from that Cassie.

So Cassie, my dear princess, light of my life, hope for the future: You are named after a tractor.

She looked at me and said,”Uh uh!” I just held her on my lap and nodded. The woman standing beside us almost fell over laughing. Cassie looked at me, saw that I was serious and just shook her head.

I think she took it pretty well.

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I just love you guys! You always make me laugh!

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