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We had a short little walk from where we were staying on vacation last month to “shell beach”. I don’t know that I’d actually go swimming there as the waves break pretty hard, but it seemed to be where all the shells dumped on to. It was a great place to take the kids after dinner… we went several times actually…

I snapped a few photos, of course…

Jamie didn’t pick up just any shell, he had to analyze which one he wanted and why.
Jamie on Shell Beach

Cassie, on the other hand, grabbed any shell that got her fancy. We later went through them and made her narrow down her choices. No need to take ALL the shells from the beach, other families will want some too. (hey, whatever works, she’s 6)
Cassie getting shells at shell beach

The had a great time!
Kids on shell beach

Cassie on wall at shell beach key allegro

Marie at shell beach

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In the third picture Jamie looks just like the middle schoolers that I want to throttle all school year (emo-skater-kids). Man, I feel sorry for you in a few years. LOL :)

J/K your kids rock! :)

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