The Tale of the Dust Ruffle


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Tom and I are goofs sometimes…

The two weeks we were at the vacation house (home now, sadly), there was a weird hump running down the middle of our king bed. We figured the mattress was just shot and they’d replace it. It wasn’t a huge deal so we just ignored it.

The last night we were there, I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Tom was in the bedroom unplugging stuff and getting the first of the packing going. I hear a big THUD… followed by Tom sticking his head out of the door and telling me, “Um. I broke the bed.” This, of course, caused peals of laughter from me telling him that I’m SO NOT telling these people that we broke their bed (and yes, we are 12).

So, we started taking the bed apart and it was up on risers. Thankfully, Tom just knocked it over, but not down. AND one of the lower box springs were up on the side rail and THAT is what was causing the hump. We felt a little like idiots, but hey, at least I don’t owe these folks a new bed!

It was a 3 person job taking this thing apart and putting it back together so it didn’t slide off the risers again, so we had quite a fun time actually putting it back together… but then, we noticed that we forgot to put the dust ruffle back on. Crap! It was late and we were tired, we figured we would deal with it later…

… but we forgot… so I got a reply email from the homeowner today saying “Just curious – but why did you take the bed ruffle off the master bed. Really just curious (its no great crime!!Ha)” — surely she thinks we are crazy house people that come and take apart beds for no good reason.

*laugh* I bet they are scratching their heads trying to come up with a good reason as to why in the world we took the dust ruffle off *laugh*

I was thinking I’d not respond for a few days and let them come up with all these interesting ideas as to why in the world someone would take apart a bed and remove the dust ruffle.

Nah, I’m not that cruel.

But they will surely think we’re crazy – at least we got rid of the hump in the bed!

… the things Tom and I get ourselves into, I tell you! But we had a really great laugh and will forever remember the night we broke the vacation home’s bed!


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Ha! Tell them that dust ruffles are evil, and that you always remove them because otherwise monsters can hide under the bed.


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