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Posted by Candy | Posted in pets | Posted on 29-06-2009

Saturday night, I got a message from a friend that there was a chihuahua breeder that was being shut down down in San Marcos because of a city ordinance that said she couldn’t raise dogs anymore. I’m not really sure of the whole situation, but basically the rescue group was coming to take what they could on Sunday and the rest would go to animal control on Monday. We’ve had Julie for 2.5 years now and had talked about getting a 2nd chihuahua, but never really sat down and looked up where/when/etc…

So, yeah, Tom jumped in the car Saturday night, drove to San Marcos and checked the place out. He came home with 7 month-old Leonardo Rojo-Boy (Leo for short). He’s pretty nervous, I take it the past week has been rough. The best part is that every time Tom picks him up to take him outside, he pees on Tom. It’s infinitely funny to me for some reason. Leo goes to the vet tomorrow for a check-up and to talk about getting him fixed. We are thinking he’ll be a long-hair too.

In the meantime…

Here he is trying to hide under the edge of the cabinet in the kitchen. He does okay as long as you don’t move or if he can follow Julie around (who has decided that if she ignores him, he will go away).

Leo in kitchen

I guess he then decided to try to blend in among the colors….

Leo blending in

… and here’s Julie looking decidedly annoyed with the whole situation (actually we are glad she seems to be okay with it, they sniffed each other and she stalked off and that was that, we were worried she’d go ape like she does sometimes around other dogs)…

Julie is unimpressed

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Welcome to your new boy. :) I am not a fan of chihuahuas in general (mean, yippy little things) but he has a cute face.

Yay for him getting a good home and avoiding the stinky shelter!

God bless you for rescuing him and giving him a good home! He's lucky to have you!

Leo is adorable!

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