Another beach visit… tough life, but someone had to do it!


Posted by Candy | Posted in summer fun | Posted on 23-06-2009


I found some more photos from the vacation… this is a visit to the beach we made with Tom’s sister, her 2 kids and his mother.

There were tons of marine hermit crabs. The kids wanted to bring them home because we have land hermit crabs, but I had to explain that they really aren’t the same thing (and even if they were, um… no). Anyway, they collected 9 or so and then we released them before we left. We had to play with this little guy quite a bit to get him to stick his head out…

Marie and Beach Hermit Crab

Jamie was busy being a bit of beach bum. He’s also going through a little emo-esque phase. You’ll see we managed to not only find a black swim shirt, but it has a hoodie. SCORE!

Jamie at Rockport beach - Hang Ten Man!

Jamie at Rockport beach - rock and roll dude!

Marie loved the beach and would have gone every single day if we had let her!

Marie at Rockport Beach

Cassie was just a cheese-girl!

Cassie being extra cheesy at Rockport beach

My sister-in-law and her youngest…

J and O

… and her oldest…


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