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I am constantly amazed by how stupid people really are. Last week, one of the parents was talking to Tom while waiting for the kids to come out from school. According to her, the principal has no right even being a principal. After all, she has no children of her own.

Let me give you a minute to read that bit again.

Yeah. Okay.

What right does this woman have to dictate anyone’s reproductive health? Maybe the principal can’t have children? Maybe she figures she already has 450 kids and doesn’t need any more? Maybe *gasp* she has chosen to NOT have children. Who says that you have to have kids to be an effective leader? Who says you have to have your own kids to love and appreciate other people’s children?

What a rude, well, bitch. I was floored when Tom told me this. This woman has no right being in anyone’s business and she obviously has issues.

I am biased in this issue. Tom and I weren’t planning on having kids. They just kind of happened. Oh, I’m glad now and cannot imagine not having my two monkeys, but I still liked kids, I loved being around them and listening to them (really, kids are pretty smart if you really listen to them!) and all that fun stuff. It didn’t make me weird or a child molester or something just because I didn’t have my own.

And you know what? Our principal is fabulous. She’s a wonderful lady with a heart of gold who truly loves what she does. And yes, I think she probably loves all 450 of her kids that attend that school.

To that mom, I want to say “shame on you”. But ya know what? It’s not worth it. Some people will never change. I just wish people would THINK. What a horrible human being to feel like that.

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I get that all the time. I was an early childhood major before I realized I didn’t want to pursue a teaching career. I’ve been around kids all my life and love them to pieces but circumstances are what they are and I don’t have kids of my own. Thus, I know nothing about children in some people’s minds.

Yeah I personally would prefer a principal who’s dividing her time between her career and her own family obligations, instead of focusing on my child’s education. What a moron.

All right ladies, take it easy on this MOM as maybe her kid got in trouble this school year and it is easier to dislike the principal than it is to discipline her child.

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