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Posted by Candy | Posted in School | Posted on 15-05-2009

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I have no idea how I ran across this information, but I figure I should post about it and get it out of my system and then send you back to your regularly scheduled (sometimes) cute family blog…

Tom and I both feel pretty strongly about this… it is YOUR responsibility, as the parent, to monitor what your kids watch/read/do. If there is some book you don’t want them to read because it has witches in it, then you get to step up and be the parent. Amazing how that works, right? I am constantly amazed that some parents think they have the right to pull a book of a school’s public library because they are too lazy to talk to their kids and monitor what their kids are doing.

As a parent myself, I think my children should have the freedom and opportunity to read any book that we choose. There may be some books I don’t want them to read and if there is, I will tell them and they won’t check it out. Yes, this actually works. It’s called communicating and trusting your kids. Where did that disappear to? When did we decide we have to micromanage every single thing our children do? Can they not read a book and then ask you questions about it?

Anyway… I was happy to read this about Round Rock ISD (which is our school district), “Round Rock ISD took second in this dubious competition with nine challenges, none of which resulted in a single ban or restriction.” (From page six of the Free People Read Freely 2008-2009 report.

I realize not everyone will agree with me. That’s the beauty of having freedoms. Some could say that if I want my kid to read Harry Potter, I could buy the books. And I do just that. But there are kids out there that can’t afford to buy any book they want. That’s what libraries are for. Some could say that you can’t control everything your children do, and that is partially my point. If your biggest problem is that your kid wants to read Harry Potter and sneaks off to do it… I’d say you are pretty lucky :)

For more information on banned books and other ACLU projects, visit their website.

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I don’t know how to feel about this, as a mom of a 7-year-old already reading chapter books, we allow him to read just about anything he can effectively comprehend, and I take offense at the idea of someone limiting the selection of school library books to which he is entitled as a student in the district. That said, I also feel protective of kids with shitty parents who don’t even care whether their kids read anything, (or dress warmly or bike safely, etc.), and often think the schools are correct to step in to help guide those kids. *Shrug*

Agree with you 100%, Candy. There are books that I choose not to read because of my personal beliefs. I do not, however, wish or support those books being banned for others to read. If I were a parent, or when it comes to my niece and nephews, there are books I’d prefer they didn’t read,, but that’s my choice and I don’t think that should be forced on others.

Same goes with movies, video games, and music. I like that they have a rating system on there but I don’t think they should be banned.

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