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I woke up Sunday morning to yet another dead gerbil. We seem to have some sort of dead gerbil problem around here. Luckily, Jamie decided he’d had enough of the rodent thing and we decided he’s big enough to get a bird now. We talked to him at length about what he has to do and the responsibility of getting one. We decided to get him a cockatiel. There is a commitment there. You should play with it several times per week, he has to clean the cage and feed it. He knows they can live up to 20 years or so. So he knows what is expected. For our part, we think this is good for Jamie. It’s a pet he can interact with that he’s not allergic to and won’t be a huge threat to Julie (the chihuahua). I’ve owned a cockatiel myself as a kid and I know if he dumps it, I can take it over.

So, we called Zookeeper (which we LOVE) but they don’t do birds, and told us the ONLY place they would recommend getting a bird from is Gallery of Pets. I trust them, so off we went. Oh.My.Goodness. That place is AMAZING. More on that later…

First, we headed out to lunch. I like getting some alone time with Jamie. I worry that sometimes Cassie gets too much. I honestly don’t know how people do it with 4 and 5 kids. So, he was a happy camper.

Snuck away to lunch w my fave boy then to pet store on Twitpic

We then headed to the pet store. I had never noticed this store, but the minute I walked in… I was sold. The place doesn’t smell. Let me say that again… the PET STORE doesn’t smell. We spent several minutes talking to an African Grey that said “here kitty kitty” and “hi cat” and all the other regular bird things… then we headed back to the bird area. Wow. There’s a LOT of birds in this place. We spoke to who was probably one of the owners or related in some way, she was fabulous. She was so nice and took so much time with us, even though there were other people around, they had plenty of staff. She helped Jamie choose one and explained that he didn’t get to take it home right away, they like to make an easier transition, they put them in the cage we buy for a few days with a friend, make sure they are eating okay and all that fun stuff. Jamie gets to go back as often as he likes to visit and bond with the bird (whose name is CoCo).

The best part… Jamie’s face lit up. He is in love with this bird. I think he was sold when it climbed up his arm on the back of his shoulder/head and spent time preening the hair on the back of his head. *laugh* So, yeah, he got a bird… and he has talked about NOTHING since then. He’s really excited he gets to visit too :)

Jamie with CoCo on Twitpic

For myself, I’d love to get a large bird, a cockatoo or an African grey, but wow… birds are expensive, so not right now… maybe when the kids finally leave :)

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