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For those of you that follow Jenny’s blog, you know she had a dinner party tonight. We were one of the lucky people to be invited and we had a fabulous time. Jamie and Cassie won’t shut up about dessert. She took cake, tore it up, shaped it into mushrooms and stood them up in green jello. Kids totally dug it (and it was good too!).

One of the people there was a lady named Laura who does photography. She does Upon My Lens. I need to start doing her challenges because lately I’m just not taking pictures. Or I’ll take them, hate them all and delete them without putting them up. I dunno what my deal is lately.

The other gentleman there was named Curtis and he was one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. We had a great time. Thank you, Jenny!

Jamie had a special message for you though…

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totally awesome vid!

Thank You for the video, Jamie. I am SO GLAD you liked dinner and dessert. Thank you for playing with Ellowyn, she said she liked playing with you the best of the whole evening.

And how does one shape cake to look like mushrooms?? Good thinking Mom.

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