Cassie’s Family Birthday Celebration


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Because Cassie’s birthday (yes, I know I’m like 2 months late posting, thanks for reminding me that suck) fell on a Wednesday this year, we had a little family celebration on the day and her party that weekend…

We gave her a tea set and because we are a family of geeks, the kids immediate put a penny in the sugar bowl. I wonder how many people will understand why… I’ll share after the photo…

Penny in Teapot - just like Francis

There’s a book called A Bargain for Frances that we all love. In the book, Francis gets swindled out of her tea set by her friend, but tricks the friend into taking it back by putting a penny in the sugar bowl and telling the friend something was in there, so the friend naturally wants HER tea set back. A trick yes, but well, the friend was tricking her first. Anyway… I thought it was sweet…

Here she is opening her gift and having her first tea party with her brother. I must also say that Jamie was a prince this night… he was such a good sport!

Cassie Opening Gift

Cassie w Teaset

First tea party

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Looks like a fun birthday. I can’t get over how much both of the kids have grown!

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