Cassie’s birthday party – a proper (?) tea party


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Cassie’s party this year was a tea party. We had a hard time finding hats and stuff, so we ended up getting lots of feathery looking stuff. (Tom and I think it was more of a pimp party, but hey… whatever… the girls liked it!)

Blowing out the candle…
Cassie blowing out candle

The girls made necklaces with beads. I was impressed that many of them stuck with it until they got their necklace done.
Necklace Making

They escaped outside to play for a while… Cassie scored a swing…
Cassie Swinging

Tom’s fort held up well to all the fun!
Kids take on the fort

I also realized I didn’t get a good picture of the cake other than this phone picture

Cassie's Bday cake... A purse for her tea party on TwitPic

…but Jamie got some video… All camera work is the will of the budding 8 year old filmographer. *head rush* :-)

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Seriously!!! How CUTE is that cake!!

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