Girl’s Rock Band at M’s Party…


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Earlier this year, my dear friend Crystal had THE birthday EVENT of the year for her oldest daughter. It was a rock band party. And we had a photo shoot. Oh yes. The girl band attitude was in full effect, people! Photos below…

I must also say that us adult girls had a great time too. She sent the husband and son out of the house for the night. We got the kids settled and we had a few drinks :) I ended up crashing on the sofa and we threw food at them in the morning until their moms came and got them. It was great fun, as you’ll see below…

Cassie LOVED this guitar. She had a great time playing with it.
RockStar Cassie

Ah, here they are… Courtney, Alanis and Pink…
Girl Rock Band

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Ok SERIOUSLY!!! Those had me cracking up!!! Their was so much attitude in that second picture – LOL!!!!!
That’s Great!!! :)

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