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Posted by Candy | Posted in Misc | Posted on 06-01-2009


Jamie was home sick yesterday. Poor fella had a nasty ear infection. Doc sent him home with antibiotics and now he’s back at school.

She also gave him some numbing drops. He sat there and let me put them in (after asking 20 times if it would hurt) and started walking around with his head cocked to one side to let them move down… when I hear this:

“Come on, Cassie, let’s go read your book. I really don’t think they are going to come through to the other side.”

I was going to explain, but then I thought… nah… I wonder if he still thinks they are supposed to? *laugh*

Here he is being all weird at the doctor’s office…

(photo courtesy of Tom)
Jamie is 'sick'

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LOL, don’t you just love the things they say.

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