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As a rule, I try to avoid talking politics, but this is my blog and I feel like if I don’t write this down, I will regret it. So here goes… feel free to skip it :)

I grew up in a small town near the low country of South Carolina. When I moved to Hawaii from there in early ’93, racism was still very much alive. I always saw it and never liked it, but it was just part of my environment. I never felt like I fully fit in there. Moving to Honolulu changed me in so many ways. I learned a lot about people, in general. Looking back, I wonder who I would be today had I not moved. But I did. In late ’98, we moved to Austin. Again, more changes, but still the people were much the same as in Hawaii. Both are very liberal areas, I definitely feel more at home around different people and those that might be considered “freaks” (to my best friends reading this, yes, you are probably part of the “freaks”) ;)

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, racism is definitely not as prevalent (or maybe I don’t see it?) in South Carolina as it was 15 years ago. When I go visit, I don’t have to hear someone use derogatory names for people that don’t look like them. Someone did let one slip around my children once and I was proud of myself for standing up and telling them that it wasn’t appropriate, and definitely not in front of my children, who probably have never even heard those words.

Speaking of the kids, they don’t even realize the full reason this is so historic. They know about Martin Luther King and slaves, but I don’t think they really understand what it all meant. They are only 5 and 8. I wonder if they will understand racism as I understand it. I wonder if I really understand it as I wasn’t alive then either. Will it fade away much like so many other “old weird things” in history? I certainly hope so.

Several years ago, I was discussing race with a group of friends. We were talking about how slow things seemed to change, but were hopeful. Yes, we were a bunch of middle class white women, but this is Austin – we talk about stuff like that sometimes if you give us a drink and some chocolate :) I distinctly remember saying that I thought it was sad that we would probably never see an African-American as president in our lifetimes.

I have never been so happy to be wrong in my entire life. I woke up yesterday morning and this morning in some weird state of disbelief and amazement. It happened. Even if Obama hadn’t won, we would have had a female as vice president. Still, historic in so many ways.

I’m not afraid to say that I shed a good many tears on election night. I know that sounds silly, but it was such a beautiful moment – such an amazing historical event. I am still in shock that we got to witness that. But, it’s more than that. I truly believe that this man can change things for the better in this country. I know not all of you agree with me, that’s okay, everyone can have opinions and I completely respect those that don’t agree.

I really do believe Obama has this odd ability to bring people together. Folks out on 6th street were celebrating in the streets, pedestrians were high five-ing people in cars at they went by. That’s inspiration. Maybe that’s me being a daydreamer. Maybe I drank the Obama kool-aid. I don’t know, but I can’t say that I’ve cared this much in a long time.

President-Elect Barack Obama, make us proud. I believe in you and 52% of people that voted believe in you. We want change… and yes, yes, we can.

Okay, that’s all for me about politics until January 20. Every 4 to 8 years, Tom gets a new president for his birthday. This year, this is one present/president he really wants.

Now, to go take down my Obama yard signs. The magnets on my car are staying though :p


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It will also be nice to have science allowed back in the White House. Think of all of the potential, as Michael Moore so eloquently put it, if we stop insisting Adam and Eve were riding around on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago.

I’m pro smart people and excited to have one (finally) stepping in to office Jan 20.

That is actually the first thing Tom said “well, that’s a point towards stem cell research!”. I agree with you. We need science, it’s been staunched so badly over the past 8 years… imagine the things that could have happened during that time.

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