Party! Party! Party!


Posted by Candy | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 19-11-2008


We had been planning a sleepover with one of the cousins for a while with Cassie. I invited Jamie’s BFF to stay with him so he’d have a friend over too. Then we picked up an extra because her mom was doing a 12 hour write-in thing (crazy NaNoWriMo people). We had 2 others that came over to play, but just 5 that spent the night. It went pretty well… Amazingly enough, I think they even slept a few hours!

Here’s the sleepover bunch partying it up on the top bunk of Jamie’s room. I feel like I could fast forward this 15 years and see them all grinning and toasting us with beers.

Kids Party

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Looks like fun!

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