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Cassie had homework one day last week where she had to draw pictures of things that start with the letter S. She drew this:
Cassies Things That Start With S

… but she wanted Dad to color while she did it, so Tom colored this:
Daddys Color Page

These she brought home (Jamie doesn’t do too much drawing much anymore, sniffle).

I’m not sure what the purpose of this was, but she (shocker!) drew Pikachu on the lunchbox. I’m slightly disturbed that the thing seems to have a red bullet hole on it’s ear (or is that normal? I don’t even know).
Cassies Pikachu Lunchbox

The rainbow that is Cassie… (the red is pizza sauce)
Cassies Rainbow

I was quite proud of her with this one, actually…
Cassies Lion Artwork

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awwww she stays in the lines, mostly.

Wanna know whY Ryan’s drawing/colorings aren’t online?

Cuz he can’t stay in the lines.

My boy..will…not…be…an..artist.

You should see him use glue though ;)

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