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This is a spoon.

Nostalgic Spoon Burned

But not just any spoon. This is one of the last utensils that Tom and I have from the dishes and stuff we got when we first were married – over 15 years ago. This spoon had daily use. It was the perfect length and the perfect size. It was used to stir gallons of tea, serve oddles of veggies and scoop out dozens of eggs from the boiling pot for Easter. It used to be white, it is now well stained (and loved).

The spoon has left us, though. It fell on the element in the dishwasher and it burned, as you can easily see.

I need a new spoon. I’m surprisingly nostalgic about the spoon… Hmmmm…

And yes, Tom, we have officially outlasted the indestructible spoon.


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That’s so sweet. In a total ya’ll are weird way…

Dy – who thinks the only thing left from the early days of her marriage is, well, the marriage

Ha! I still have junk from ex boyfriends in my house – but I’ve only been married five years.

Of course, since my baker’s rack is a present from an ex…I don’t see it going away anytime soon. I’m too cheap to buy new stuff just because there is weird ju-ju in the stuff I have.

Congratulations on outlasting the spoon!!

Awwww I have a spoon like that… I can relate! Have fun shopping for a new not so perfect one…. its hard.

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