Man Cave = Man Slob


Posted by Candy | Posted in Home and Garden | Posted on 23-09-2008


I realize I will came off as a little snotty about the books thing in my post tomorrow, so let me first just show you the bigger picture… he tells me we are going to clean his office and I get to help soon, I’ll post “after” pictures…

Until then…

Man Cave Mess 1

Man Cave Mess 2

Man Cave Mess 3

Man Cave Mess 4

Man Cave Mess 5

So… is it just me or is that just crazy? In his defense, he’s got lots of little projects going on, but if he’d FINISH them… well… *laugh* — and his carpet is NASTY. We clean it and it gets spots again. I want to rip it out and put in tile or something. I keep saying that once he’s out of school full time, working part time, working with me part time, plus dealing with all kinds of other random stuff… sigh… I think I just need to take a shovel to this room, actually.

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I feel WAY better about my office now. I cannot believe your clean genes let you let that exist LOL

I was going to say that Dirk’s man cave is just as bad… and then I saw the carpet. ;) Although if Dirk’s office had carpet, it would probably look like that, too (his floor is tile).

What? you see something wrong with that? ;) ~


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