Meet The Teacher was last night…. and cha-cha-cha changes… (Long and Rambling)


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So, the welcome walk was last night. Yes, they come to the house. There are joys to having a small community elementary school (350 students in 6 grades – plus Pre-K). How cool is that? Both seem very very nice, which helps seeing as I’m handing them my babies for 7 hours per day. And no, I didn’t scream “baby stealer!” at Cassie’s Kinder teacher.

Cassie’s teacher came first and we had to call Cassie out of Jamie’s room – they had been in there for an hour or more playing with legos. Earlier that day, we had made a pencil craft (with a pinwheel on top) and Cassie gave it to her teacher as a gift (something we started last year and appears to now be a tradition). She was very surprised and will put it in her room to show it off. Cassie was, of course, beaming. Cassie was a bit shy but I think she’s fine and the teacher shook her hand and told she would see her Monday for supply drop off. We found out later that a kid she knows will be in her class so she’s feeling pretty good about it all.

Jamie’s teacher came a few minutes later. The lady was pretty nervous, but I have to admit if someone told me I had to go visit 18 kids at their home with their parents asking me random questions, I’d probably pee my pants and then go hide. I thought she might start crying when Jamie gave her her pencil. That has ended up being a pretty good ice breaker. The little girl next door won’t be in his class like he wanted, but his bully will NOT be in his class (we requested it ahead of time), and he knows a few kids that will be in his class, so it’s all good.

For those of you that don’t know, Tom is moving to a limited capacity working with me. He’s found that he really wants to see people during the day (well, more than just me). He took a contract job over the Summer and is considering substitute teaching a bit this year. I’m okay with that, but it will be a huge change. I actually really like working with Tom and while we have our moments (seriously? you didn’t do that? You know it’s like – OVERDUE – now, right?) I think we have worked super well together over the years. Having said THAT, it will nice to eventually have insurance that doesn’t suck and other benefits.

He should hear soon about the substitute teaching. He had an issue with getting fingerprinted. Tom has palmar hyperhydrosis (which basically means his hands sweat a lot – and nearly all the time). They had some issues with the prints coming back as altered because when your hands sweat a lot the whorls and ridges aren’t as pronounced due to the swelling or whatever. Anyway, we haven’t gotten the final results yet so we are in a holding pattern until we hear back.

I’m very proud of Tom in that he will graduate this April (or June? I cannot remember) with his bachelor’s degree. WooHoo! The degree is in Business Marketing. So, of course, he wants to be a teacher now. *laugh*

Actually, he’s not even sure what he wants to be when he grows up (yes, my 36 year old husband is trying to find himself). I’m all for the teacher thing because you can’t beat the hours or the time off – PLUS it has a great benefits. Frankly, that’s becoming more important than the salary to me. He’s also thinking of a starting a small hosting business for QuickBooks and Sharepoint, but he doesn’t actually know what he wants to do at this point.

I’m going to really feel weird the first few weeks. I’ve had someone here while I worked for the past 5 years. But I’m also looking forward to a more focused work-time. It’s going to be REALLY quiet! Not such a bad thing :)

So, there you have it… the update on our lives right now.

Work to do and a couple of kids are coming over for a last hurrah today to play with our kids. (I truly believe the more the merrier – they keep each other busy so I can work – plus I secretly smile when I hear them all playing nicely together). We are so lucky to have great kids in our neighborhood that get along so well. It’s like stepford without the freakiness. *grin*

(Hey! I typed stuff and no pictures!)

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WOW! That sounds so cool. HMMMMMM… on second thought that means I would have to actually clean the house. Seriously, I have really enjoyed spending time with you (via the blog) this summer. I am sure you will miss having the kids home (maybe?). Can’t wait to hear how Jamie and Cassie do in school this year. Best wishes! K

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