Craft Time — Pokemon cards?


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My kids are obsessed with Pokemon cards. OBSESSED. So a couple of weeks ago they decided to MAKE cards themselves. I just nod my head a lot at this point, ya know?

So, here’s the pics…

This is Jamie (who is, as usual, annoyed with me) and our friend, J. J’s mommy is mean and doesn’t let her have Pokemon cards so she made some of her own. I think J’s mommy doesn’t let her come over as much because of the Pokemon craze that is going on around here (okay, maybe it’s cuz everyone is back to work and school too) LOL
Making Their Own Pokemon Cards

Jamie is always very serious about crafts. Sometimes I want to smack him and scream “Have a good time, kid!”
Jamie Concentrating

And here’s Cassie waiting for inspiration to strike.
Cassie Waiting For Inspiration

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OK, I really, REALLY wish I had known about this before I had pledged all my kids’ old Pokemon cards to a friend (also seriously Pokemon crazy). My boys (now 18 and 15) collected cards for years, and now this child, age 8, will be the recipient of literally hundreds of cards. Maybe I could skim a few before I hand them over?

Whoops, forgot, everything is sealed in a box. Sorry… =(

LAUGH. I should say that they have a ton of cards already, but apparently they don’t have like 100,000 health or something. So, they made some.


That was sweet to offer. We got a big bag of them from a neighbor as well. Those stupid little cards are expensive as the devil!

I hear you on the Pokemon craze. Hubby bought the 7 year old 100+ cards off e-bay recently. She carries those darn things around and plays with them all the time. She talks about them like they are her friends or something – I have no idea what the darn names are. I know Pikachu…that’s it. Don’t even know if I spelled it right!

@Sherra – *laugh* Mine act out battles, like with each other in the living room. It’s so weird. Harmless, but weird.

the Pokemons are very cute! i love all the cute pocket monsters,::

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