We killed 2 rodents in one day… sad…


Posted by Candy | Posted in pets | Posted on 28-07-2008


The middle of last month, we got the kids pets. Jamie got a hamster. Cassie got a gerbil. All was well with the world.

Sigh… yesterday afternoon I was out shopping and Tom sent me a note that Dark Blood (the hamster) was dead. Jamie was upset, but doing okay, he wanted a new one. Jamie is pretty laid back, so I picked him up and we went to get a gerbil. Rojo (“red” in Spanish because he has red eyes). We went to the pool and came back and Cassie’s gerbil was looking pretty bad. It died a few hours later. The only thing we can figure is the food was bad or something? Maybe the water? I can’t find anything that says tap water is bad. We are using whatever bedding they told us to. It’s not green or anything weird.

Cassie took it really hard. She had Tom and I both tearing up. Worse, it was too late to go get a new one, the stores were closed. She kept asking to paint, so I let her. She kept losing it when she was painting and told me she was painting a picture of Fuzzy Wuzzy. Of course, I didn’t really hold it together well either.

Sigh, she’s so upset. We let her call the shots. She wants to sleep in the living room, fine. With me? fine.

Here’s a picture of her painting, my cell phone because I didn’t want to interrupt her private moment of reflection. Poor kid.

Cassie painting a pic of Fuzzy Wuzzy the gerbil. RIP.

I swear we fed them. I swear I didn’t buy the cat. We have no idea what happened, but it certainly is weird. They weren’t in the same cage, heck, or even the same room. We are very confused. I hope to post an update tomorrow with at least pictures of the our newest victims.

Last night was bad bad bad bad. It took me nearly 2 hours and a small dose of Benedryl to get her to sleep (yes, I gave her drugs, she was really really upset). She wanted to talk about Fuzzy, she wanted to cry, she wanted to know what happened. OMG. I felt so bad for her. Poor little thing.

I’ve also decided that this mom stuff is hard. You’d think it’d get easier after the diapers, but it just didn’t. Tom and I decided to get rid of Fuzzy’s body before we told Cassie. Cassie was upset about that because she didn’t get to see him for the last time. Dammit. I suck.


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We’ve had cats for as long as I can remember (in fact, my parents got the cat at the same time I turned up…go figure), and waaaay back the vet told us to be careful about giving them tap water, because some (especially the purebreds) just don’t have tough enough kidneys to be able to handle all the minerals or chlorine in tap water, especially if it is hard water. We always gave ours bottled water and he never developed any problems, and I’ve had Princess on filtered water since I’ve had her.

Since they’re even smaller, and presumably have even more tender systems, that could have played a role; do you guys have particularly hard or heavily chlorinated water?

Oh Candy – don’t beat yourself up!! Bless her heart – the poor thing. That made me so sad reading about how she took it!! :(

I hope she is starting to feel better. She has a good heart!!

Poor Cassie. I hope she’s doing much better by now.

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