Cassie’s Trip to HEB (If you give a kid a camera)


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In May, Cassie asked if she could borrow the camera to take some pictures. I gave it to her (we had one of those indestructible cameras – waterproof to 10′, crush proof, you can drop it, throw it, whatever). A few minutes later she comes back in tears. She’s lost the camera. Tom and I have been looking for this camera since then and we can only figure it’s in some random place somewhere or it’s gotten thrown out somehow. I’m not about to take my nicer camera to the pool or let the kids use it (hello!), so I buy a new one.

And If You Give A Kid A Camera’s blog project continues….
Yes, I still believe that eventually people will post to it on a regular basis *laugh*. I thought about making it a public blog – like anyone can post, but I know we’d get spammers.

Anyway, the above will show you a slideshow I posted yesterday of a trip Cassie and I took to HEB recently. She had a ball.

… and I made sure to take the camera back right away.

Best of all? I can again freak out everyone at the pool by tossing the camera around and dunking it under the water, etc etc. *laugh*

(oh, and i know someone will ask — this is the camera we have. It takes crappy indoor shots, but does well outdoors and it’s basically indestructible).

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Hey Candy,

Thanks for leaving a comment (again). I love the pictures of the trip to HEB. Hope you are staying cool by the pool!

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