Meet Fru-Fru… errr Dark Blood


Posted by Candy | Posted in pets | Posted on 19-06-2008


I’m thinking Jamie used to beat small children in a former life or something. It’s the only thing that explains why this child has the worst luck. So, Cassie got a rat that is pretty active and social and well, doesn’t bite.

Jamie got… well… he got Fru-Fru. Fru-Fru was a black hamster that looked nice enough in the pet store.

Then we brought it home.

Jamie stuck his hand in there to put it into it’s house mansion and it bit him. Yeah, now it’s name is Dark Blood. Nice.

We are, of course, hoping it was just upset and confused and scared. Me? IT IS A RAT. IN MY HOUSE. I NOW HAVE A LIZARD AND RATS LIVING IN MY HOUSE! DO YOU HEAR ME? THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!

*breathe breathe breathe*

My point? It won’t bite me because I’m NOT touching it and if it gets out, I’m getting a cat. Or borrowing one. Or something. Whatever.

So, here’s Dark Blood and his house mansion. I also got a shot of him through the bars eating. Yes, I could have opened the door, but he was too close for comfort and… yeah, that’s not happening.

Dark Blood (Formerly Known As Fru-Fru) - Jamies New Hamster

Dark Bloods Mansion

Dark Blood Eating Corn - Looking Through the Cage Bars

He even looks like a menacing little shit, doesn’t he?


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NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!! Please fill free to use a different word where freakin is ;)

Uh NO…hell no. No way in hell. Not in MY house!

You are a much better person then I am. MUCH BETTER!

rat in my house = me in a motel

You can borrow my dog. She’s not giant, but she will swallow that rat whole!!

Man Cnady you crack me up!! Hey I gotta tell you he does kinda look um, scary!

Uh, yeah….he TOTALLY looks like little evil trouble maker!

Steve loves hampsters and grew up with them. I’m SURE he’s going to want to get them when the girls get a little bigger but I’m with you — they are domesticated rats!

Are you kidding me? Another pet? why?

Ok so I had to comment. We once had a pet rat named Jorge. Of course it wasn’t our pet because WE wanted him, he picked our house to invade. I was sitting at the computer and kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye and when I finally saw what was moving it was a rat stealing the dog food from the bowl. Well we set traps and that didn’t work. So we had to resort to poision. Didn’t seem to work. On Christmas Eve I was sitting in the living room with my friend Renee and her son. Lynn (husband) was in the kitchen. All of a sudden I heard a loud “BANG” in the kitchen and looked over at him. He had a cast iorn skillet in one hand and the rug that was on the floor by the sink in the other hand. He said “well Jorge is dead and can we wash this?” YUCK! Renee said “do we need to leave?” Guess she was afraid that her son would be freaked out. Just say NO to rats!

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