First Summer Craft — SAND ART!


Posted by Candy | Posted in summer fun | Posted on 08-06-2008

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Yeah, so for whatever reason, my kids went crazy about this stuff. They wanted to do sand art. So I bought sand art. I said we would do it the first week after school was out. We did it Wednesday…. and survey says…

Jamies First Summer Craft - Sand Art

I think they were a little disappointed. I think they were expecting this big huge deal with the sand and decorations and mixing it up, I showed them how to make it layered, but then Cassie’s settled and she fell and it got all wiggly and she had a melt down and wouldn’t let me take a picture because it wasn’t any good anymore, so we added sand to them both and man… Jamie’s expression says it all.

I think I’m gonna just let them play outside with dirt and sticks. That seems safer somehow. Maybe I’ll get Jamie a beebee gun and a slingshot and Cassie can have some matches.

Or something.



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OMG You are killing me with the dirt and stick, or matches and slingshot. KILLING ME!!! If we get our kids together, I can only imagine what they can do with their matches and sticks. LOL

School starts Aug. 14 and I’m already counting down. Wanna join me ;)

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