Heh, I’m 12


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So, I always try to put a little note in Jamie’s snack and/or lunchbox. I’ve been putting in a countdown in his snack each day and he usually writes back “Yay!” or something. On Friday, I sent a note that there were 4 more days left and he sent it back with this sticker. I couldn’t stop giggling. Yes, I’m 12. BUT so is Tom, he was giggling like a school girl.

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heh, you said uranus


4 more days huh? Wanna come and join me in the white padded room? or would that be a cell?

I’m 4 days ahead of you already and Im ready to send them back to school. August 14th will NOT come soon enough ;)

Ok, so add me to the 12 year old list because that cracked me up!!!! LOL!!!

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