MNO: The One Where Candy Is The Paparazzi


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We had a Mom’s Night Out at one of my friend’s houses on Saturday night. Her husband was out of town and her kid was at grandma’s house. SCORE! For those of you wondering what a mom’s night out really is, it’s basically an excuse for us moms to dump our children on our husbands and sit around either a restaurant or someone’s house and laugh (or cackle as Dy’s hubby says – he actually calls us “that cackle of women that came to my house”) and drink and laugh and bitch and moan and drink and laugh some more :-)

As our little group has grown (we had like 10 people show up this time), we’ve started having them at someone’s house – not as noisy as a restaurant and we all just bring something to drink/eat/whatever and do whatever. This time we had Boogie to keep us entertained. You know you are with good friends when you can get halfway sloshed, sing off key, call them dying cats and they still love you anyway :)

Angela can actually sing – either that or I had more margaritas than I thought. Yes, Denise always looks this confused. *snicker*
MNO Paparazzi 1

This is Claire Delaine. She can sing pretty well too.
MNO Paparazzi 4

This is Jen. She’s preggie and the cutest thing ever. We made her sing a few times though :p
MNO Paparazzi 2

This is my friend, Denise. She was trying to dance along with the character on the screen. This was after only one margarita.
MNO Paparazzi 3

We had a great time. Thank you, Dy, for letting me crash at your place :)

Speaking of Dy… make sure you visit her blog before her hubby makes her take that post down… it’s freaking HILARIOUS!


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I’m so sorry I missed it. I hope there’s a repeat sometime soon.


Um, thanks Candy. Couldn’t you have at least gotten me smiling?

ROFL!!!!!!!! That boogie can make the sanest person do something they wish they hadn’t. Especially when they’ve been drinking. LOL

My kids LOVE boogie, especially when they’re friends are over.

Glad you all had a great time.Oh and that other blog..HILARIOUS!

Don’t forget that Candy sang a pretty dang good redition of “Celebration” and I really have no comment on Dy’s version of “You’re the One that I want.”

Oh, yeah and kudos to Megan for going first on YMCA!

That looks like a BLAST!!!!! Can I come next time?! ;)

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