For those of you dealing with tons of snow… neener neener


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The weather is supposed to get gross and Cassie is taking full advantage of it now, as you have seen lately. The little girl next door came over with her roller blades and they had a blast… I got to read a while too :)

Cassie On Her Scooter

Cassie On New Scooter

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Too fun…but can you say that you’re spending Saturday at the SnowCross races? Hmmm??? LOL Should be great fun sitting outside at the fairgrounds all day. Hmm….not my idea but it still sounds fun. I might get my jacket out though. LOL

Just this year, I’ve learned the beauty of winter. While that doesn’t mean I dig the bad roads, there’s still a lot about the season I don’t want to trade.

That said, I miss my bike. I REALLY miss my bike.


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