Welcome Home, Uncle Mike!


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I guess it’s actually cousin, but that just sounds too weird, so I make my kids call Tom’s cousins aunts and uncles – okay, seriously, my kids are already constantly confused, what’s one more thing. Actually, they don’t call all of them aunt and uncle, just some. Okay, hmmm… talk about random I guess. Whatever.

So, Tom’s cousin, Mike, came home today from Iraq and Aunt Donny had everyone over for breakfast (at dinner). My kids were so thrilled. It’s BREAKFAST, but at DINNER – get it? It was ultra exciting, trust me.

So, here’s some pics to share and some commentary…

Mike is getting married in a couple of weeks, here he is with the latest victim in our family, Jen. Okay, seriously, was I this annoyingly sweet and lovey dovey all those years ago?

Young Love

Whatever did this toy do to Tom? Here he is “fixing” the Rock Em Sock Em Robots – circa ice age
Rock Em Sock Em Must Die

Jamie trying to pretend he doesn’t see me and is super annoyed with me and my camera.
Jamie Relaxing

Cousin Olivia being all cute and stuff
Olivia Thinking

This is Tom’s Grandma P:
Granny P

I have a 50mm fixed lens coming to me in the next few days… I hope it’s better for indoor photos. Not loving my camera for indoor shots. Hmm… maybe an external flash… *glances to see if Tom is looking before going to Amazon* Or maybe a macro lens (okay, I just WANT that)…

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“Breakfast for dinner” is one of my kids favorites too!!! Glad “Uncle” Mike is home safe!

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