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NOTE: If you are here looking for the tree topper saga that one of my so-called friends told you about (LOL)… it’s here

My desk looks out over a window. I have a gap area where the edge of the wall and the computer monitor don’t meet from my point of view. It’s great because I can see the kids on the swings while I work and there’s also this beautiful old tree that I can see the edge of. Several times per day, I see squirrels running up and down the tree with acorns they find on the ground. I’ve tried to get pictures before, but if I try to sneak outside they catch me and disappear… so today, I grabbed the camera, zoomed in close and took pictures! Not too bad consider that window is dirty. I can NOT believe I got the one sitting on the branch. It was in a deep shadow. I have no idea how I did that, but gift horse, mouth, etc etc…

So, here’s one of my little buddies…


You can see on the left the dark area there is actually the edge of the window frame, it was a tight fit!
squirrel 3

He’s a little out of focus, but at least you can see him up there… he perches there to store his loot and stare around waiting for a blade of grass to move so he can scurry away. Jittery little guys!
squirrel 2

I’m not even going to complain that we had the A/C on earlier today. Nor will I complain that we even HAVE squirrels around in DECEMBER. It got cold tonight. For a while. Who knows how long. I’m moving back to Hawaii, I swear it! Watch me! Ummm… okay, maybe not. But geez!

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I have two words for you woman….SHUT UP!!!! The A/C…why I oughta…..

;) It’s 30 some degrees here today! Our squirrels have winter coats on! ;)

The pictures are beautiful!! Makes me long harder for my XTi (which it now looks like we are going to wait for after Xmas sales)! Love the shot in the branches!!! Cool!

Love the squirrel pics. Ours have been really active lately too. One was yelling at me from the tree yesterday when I went outside!

Sigh. All I have in my office are walls. WALLS. There are no windows. But, I do have a door. So I can shut it when I don’t want people in. :)

Loving the squirrels!

I came by for my daily check…NOT to look for the tree topper post. But CRACKED UP at your “so called friend” reference because I also read her post this morning. LOL!!! Play nice girls!!!! ;)

Candy…ROFL! Girl, you know I love you and You KNOW I’m only laughing because we’ve BTDT. So you better keep that saga there for the whole world to read. Hey, atleast your tree doesn’t fall over, like ours did last year. It was like this..

“Is that tree leaning?
Yes, it is, but it will be ok.
Are you sure?
Yes, I’m sure

5 minutes later it all came down. Tree topper and all ;) ~

Love the pictures of the schools. Ours are like Vicki’s, wearing winter coats. Looking for some place to hide out until the ice and snow passes.

Enjoy your nice warm weather. :)

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