Decking The Halls — and the Tree Topper saga…


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—> I’ve been blogging like crazy this week, so keep going, there’s lots here! <---

So, today was the day we promised the kids we would decorate the tree and house. We also said we’d do outside, but it’s bitterly cold and raining, so they had to get disappointed there – we only have a few things for outside anyway.

So, I (even though I’m sick) take the kids to Target while Tom unpacks the stuff in peace – oh trust me here, if they had been here they would’ve driven him crazy – plus I think I got the better end of that deal. We were on a mission for a tree topper… the kids found one. I thought it was going to be WAY too big. It was. We get home and we were all dying laughing at this thing bending over and swaying back and forth. We don’t have a tiny tree, but that thing was made for a Texas-Sized tree for sure!

So, we decide to ALL go back to the store and the only one we could find is this hideous silver thing, but whatever… it fits. Well… more on that story below with pictures to guide you. *laugh*

So, here’s the pictures to share…

While Tom fussed around with getting the big tree set up, we got the kids busy decorating the little tree..

Decorate Small Tree
Little Tree

The stocking were hung with care (notice I have stocking hangers! I’ve always wanted them but never bought them) – Yes, Julie gets a stocking.
Stockings Hung

This is new this year… I thought this was a cute set… Daddy and Son bears going fishing. They are outside the door…
Bears Fishing

Another new one… look! It’s Tux! On our fireplace!
Penguin Snow

Tom puts on the garland…
Tom Garland

And the kids decorated it (with our help)
Jamie Decor Big Tree
Cassie Decor Big Tree
Tom Decor Big Tree

And the kids put on their santa hats to show off the final product…
Kids Santa Hats

Now, let’s talk tree toppers… we have yet to have a good one. We have had a few hideous stars through the years. This horrible angel my mother gave me (sorry, mom, it was hideous). You’d think in FOURTEEN years we’d find one we like! But no. We are tree topper impaired. So, after the laughing fits that the big one entailed, we ended up with the hideous round star one that was a whopping $4 at Target. Whatever. The kids liked it and we have given up. BUT getting it on the tree was an adventure… what is wrong with us? What about those pictures with the perfect family with the smiling dad with a cup of cocoa putting the tree topper on with a flourish and the adorable kids standing by looking up in awe? Yeah, that’s not us…

Here’s Jamie showing off the atrocious thing…
Tree Topper Stage 1

So here’s Tom “this will be easy, just sit it up there”… um… not so much, the base was too small for our tree…
Tree Topper Stage 2

Tom asks what we have to hold the damn thing up there. I go and get a binder clip (hey, it sounded like a good idea, stay with me here)… and Tom celebrates because it looks like it might work…
Tree Topper Stage 3

… and then it fell over.
Tree Topper Stage 4

By this time, Tom and I are laughing so hard we have tears just flowing down our cheeks and Jamie is doing his eye-roll thing which is supposed to be “my parents are so weird”, but whatever…

So, we finally got it… how? Look closely. Yeah. Tom wrapped the top of the tree around it. *laugh*

Tree Topper Stage 5

But it’s up there. And it’s staying. And we have another hideous tree topper. But that’s okay because we had a really good laugh about it all. Maybe next year we can find a purple one with gold leafing!

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OMG!!!!! I’m dying over here. See, your topper could go on my tree. ALthough I”m sure my mom would have a heart attack. ROFL!!!
As for that perfect family with their perfect cocoa and perfect tree..well that ain’t us either. We’re more of the Family circus type. If it can go wrong, it will. LOL Still looks like all of you had a great time.

It sure was fun though! I think I like our little cheesy topper the best out of all the ones I’ve seen so far at Target and Walmart this year.

Girlfriend…you live in Texas. For God’s sake…get theyself to Garden Ridge and buy a beautiful tree topper. I bought mine when I had to visit (a’cause my mean boyfriend (now husband) made me live in Chicago for awhile) in 2001and still have it…I think I probably held the damn thing on my lap on the plane.

Of course…admittedly it is kinda boring to just stick her up there every year without some kind of mockery and merry-making…

Looks like fun. Our tree topper won’t stay on either so we gave up and set it on the bookshelf next to the tree.

Looks like you guys had fun. I was giggling thinking about it.

I’ll never forget the first year we put a tree up and the WHOLE THING fell over. So I know how you feel.

Good job Tom on rigging that thing up!!! ;)

OMG Candy, you had me laughing so hard my side hurts!!!

So glad you found my blog and I found yours!!!

Hey now, that’s the same cheap-a%# tree topper that we have. I think we had it a few days last year before it broke. Haven’t decided whether to rig it this year or search for another one. ;o)

Uhmm? Were you decorating my tree? I put out star topper back in the box and we stuck an angel up there.

I too tried to wrap the tree around it and the same thing happened.

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