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Jamie wanted me to take a picture to share here. Tom mowed the lawn yesterday and every time he does, we always get tons of birds and squirrels hunting through the newly shorted grass looking for whatever it is they look for… we even had a cardinal and two blue jays out there. I always point them out to the kids because they think they are so cool. My office is so great. I can see into the backyard where we have a bird feeder to attract them (those blue jays are MEAN birds!) and I can see the kids playing. It’s fun for me to watch as soon as the kids come in, the birds start flocking around. I guess because of all the rain we’ve had the past 3 weeks, they were hunting around hard for food.

Anyway… this is a picture of the cardinal (I assume these are cardinals – I had a pan on the bird feeder to attract them but I had to take it off because it was just enticing the pigeons and they were eating the bird seed as fast as we could replace it – they are like little vultures).

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Cool. My kids love to watch the birds too. I just want them to stop chattering while I’m sleeping..

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