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Posted by Candy | Posted in summer fun | Posted on 27-07-2007


I’m gonna start building an ark. No, really. For the past month, Austin has been over-run with rains. It won’t stop. So, I can’t send the kids out to play because it’s either raining or just stopped raining and it’s muddy. Or the grass is too high because you can’t even freaking cut the grass.

We are just going to float away one of these days.

So, today, Tom got enough. It stopped raining and he got out the lawn mower… which of course, it kept choking up with wet grass… but he did it…

But man… look at the side of my yard? Well, in the picture above, you can see how long the branches are a little on that side – he has to get out there this weekend and cut it back, but look at the vegetation we have growing on the other side. DANG. It’s never looked like that. I dunno how he’s going to whack all of that down, good luck, honey. What the heck is going on here? Seriously, it HAS to stop raining. Soon. I’m going to lose it.

For the record, that stuff is coming from the neighbors yard. I don’t care, we are whacking it down from our side at least. I’m paranoid about snakes.

To make matters even more irritating, my niece is here visiting. She’s 8. Poor Marie – we told her we were going to take her to the pool and to the water park and all this fun stuff – so far, we’ve made it out to dinner a couple of times and had a friend over to play. We hope to do some indoor stuff this weekend – “they” say it might stop next week for a few days. UGH! Poor kid – she probably thinks she’s visiting a rain forest.

Oh, and I’m now a bloglines addict. That’s the best thing since sliced bread.

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Kaspersky AntiVirus software screams at Bloglines.

Bloglines is Malware/Spyware and Kaspersky wouldn’t stop screaming at me until it was completely uninstalled.

Try Google Reader..

We need to have an a-moms ark building party. I’m sure Angela has the plans.

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