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Jamie is a blue dragon with a horn (that was what he requested) and Cassie is a princess.

I had to threaten them to keep them out of my neighbors yard. We have a gate that connects the backyards and the kids go back and forth. As soon as the sun even started to LOOK like it was going to go down, they were outside waiting for her. They were going to storm the house in search of the little girl next door!
Ahhh… there she is! Two little princesses waiting to go…
Yeah, they weren’t too keen on having to wait… *laugh*
Trick-or-Treating daddy, the evil sorcerer….

Yeah… so my kid came home after school with make up on… should I be worried? ;) Nah, they did some scarecrow dress up thing today. *shrug* He’s holding a witch’s hand that they made.

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Very cute!

Great pictures! Too cute..he was a scarecrow, right?

Oh! and very cool on being on KEYE.

[...] For the past 4 years, we’ve met up with the little girl next door and went trick or treating. Well, Tom does. I stay home and hand out candy. I love looking at the kids all dressed up. At any rate, we sometimes have another family or two that hooks up with us and they run into other kids from the neighborhood. It’s always a lot of fun (I cannot say enough how much I adore our neighborhood). From the first one, our kids have always driven us all crazy wanting to get out there. I was looking back at pictures from previous Halloweens and this was our first with our neighbors… see pics by clicking HERE [...]

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