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I usually don’t do this kind of stuff, but I was compelled to honor someone. This actually a great little project, a blogger has asked other bloggers to honor someone killed on 9/11/01 – all 2996 of them. My thoughts are with everyone who lost someone 5 years ago today. Please take a moment to read about Louis, his life and his death.

Louis Arena, age 32.
Place killed: World Trade Center.
Resident of New York, N.Y. (USA).

I made a point of looking for information. Louis was a firefighter with ladder 5 in the FDNY. His wife (Wanda) was 31 and he had two children aged 3 (Joseph) and 4 (Nina) when he died.

He was one of 8 that died with that ladder that day. His funeral was on September 19, 2001.

Other memorials to Louis can be found at HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Pictures of Ladder 5 can be found HERE.

Today, I honor Lou Arena, who lost his life that horrible day on September 11, 2001. To his family and all of the families that lost loved ones that day, my heart truly goes out to you. To all of the firefighters out there, a special honor to you and yours – you guys go in while telling everyone else to get out.

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Thank you for this, Girlfriend. My birthday is September 10, and Evan had been in my tummy for 8 months when this horrible tragedy occurred, so it’s very very somber and unforgettable for me.

Great tribute, Candy. Mine is up now.

A great tribute. I posted mine today.

Great tribute. Mine is up today

Bravo for participating in this wonderful project! Thanks for stopping by my tribute to Marjorie C. Salamone.

Thank you for honouring Louis.

Mine is up.

He was a true hero. Thank you.

My tribute is up.


Thank you for participating and posting a lovely tribute.

I honor Lt. Col. Johnson today.

Beautiful. What a strong memorial you have written. Thank you for helping us remember Lou Arena and his bravery and his sacrifice.
My tribute is for Robert J. DeAngelis.

Candy thank you for honoring this ture hero.

Thank you for the lovely tribute! His face is so young, so handsome. Truly sad!

I honored Sgt. Tamara Thurman

Thank you for this tribute. Even the good die young. God keep them.

Thanks for remembering and allowing us to aswell
Kelly, a fellow 2996er
I remember

I knew Louie very well since he was a kid. He worked for me for about nine years, and we like to think we helped him to get through all the tests, preliminaries and labors to earn a spot with the FDNY. Everyone was proud to see him go do what he felt he was destined to do.

Every time I remember him, I think not only of his death, but I think of the way he died. Louie was one of the very few whose remains were recovered. He was found in a lower stairwell, hunched over and clutching the wheelchair of another person killed that day— he had almost completed the rescue. I've never attended a more somber, a more sad funeral and enterrment.

Wanda was a childhood sweetheart, their wedding was a really fun and touching time in Brooklyn, with friends and family celebrating together. I saw Wanda and his kids just a few days before the tragedy, I know full well how proud he was of his kids, his wife, the rest of his family. Louie was always doing so many things for his parents, every day of his life. Such a young man to know and demonstrate such balance……

On my desk — for the last ten years or more— is a glass bucket I got from Louie. I use it to hold candy for when people come in to my office. It serves to be a great reminder of how giving Louie was, it helps me to remember him, his life, his humor (he was one funny bastard) and his sacrifice.

My first grandson was born on September 11 last year, so it's now a bittersweet day on the calendar for me, and serves to help me remember more of the beautiful things that can spring on any day.

Thanks for remembering him. Godspeed, Louie….


I wanted to thank you for commenting on this… it was nice to know more about this man. I think of him every time 9/11 rolls around or someone mentions it. I may not have been anywhere near NYC or even known him, but he has touched my life through his death.

Candy, it's humbling to see that you took the time to make this tribute. If I had not been pregnant at the time, my husband would have gone with many of the rest who went from AFD to help in NYC. Many of those are now suffering health problems (as are countless in FDNY) as a result. So many people's lives will never be the same. It's easy in Texas to forget that. Thanks for helping us remember.

Beautiful, heartfelt tribute Candy. Thank you for the reminder of those brave ones who were so generous in service. My thanks to all the first responders and their families, for the quiet, every-day courage and commitment that's due equal honor.
- Danielle

I wear a memory bracelet with Louis Arena’s name on it. I will keep it forever so he will not be forgotten. It was given to me as a gift.

May your soul be at rest in peace Louis.

Firefighter Arena,
Thank You for being a hero to the world.Ten Years
gone.Thank You and prayers to your family.God Bless
Patrick Arena

To the family of Louis Arena,
I was given the name of this couragous firefighter as a rememberance of his selfless duty to the the others who suffered during this horrific time in history. this touches me as well, because I have two brothers who are firefighters . There is not one day that I do not forget to pray for their safety. When I was given the name Louis Arena to pray for him during mass today I felt such a privilige to keep him and his family in my prayers always. God bless you and your family.

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